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Name: セラ・サハディオ

Nicknames: Ayu, seerah-lee, seri, chu, Cheshie.

Birthday: Febuary 22.

Astrological sign: Pisces

Birthplace: 大阪市

Height: 165 cm

Blood Type: O

Family: Mother, father, older brother, younger brother.

Hobbies: procrastinating.

Music: Anything that sounds good.

Charm point: Eyes.

Dream: to become a video game character designer.

Favorite The GazettE:

Favorite animal: Fox, Jaguar.

Favorite drink: Strawberry daiquiri

Favorite foods: lasagne

Least favorite foods: wasabi

Favorite manga: Kuroshitsuji.

Favorite movie: Harry Potter.

Favorite place: My bed.

Favorite season: autumn/winter

Favorite word: inception.

(出典: keigazerock)


I found this hilarious interview with

The GazettE ❤

Interviewer: Have you heard of the new group One Direction?

Kai: Who?

Interviewer: One Direction

Ruki: No…not at all

/interviewer shows photo of one direction/

Aoi: “Ugh! They look like little girls!”

Interviewer: “They’re British!”

Ruki: “That’s no excuse!”

Oricon Style's PSP 1800 vol. 21, Aoi (the GazettE) x Tora (Alice Nine): The trolling continues. (Part 2)
Oricon Style: It (DAYBREAK) definitely has that Alice Nine sound, but it also seems to have a bit of a 'new' Alice Nine vibe to it.
Aoi: Eh? You've already heard it?! I haven't even been given a chance to listen to it yet...
Tora: Ah.... (sweat)
Aoi: So Alice Nine would do something like that, huh, not giving it (the single) to me.
OS: X-JAPAN?! (Aoi said 'kurenai,' which means not to give. It's also the pronunciation of a famous song by X-JAPAN)
Aoi: I knew you'd say that!! Well, I thought about saying it, too. (laugh)
OS: Aha, as expected, teacher! We think alike. Now, Tora, give us the new single!! This would be when you'd say "It's finished! Please listen to it!"
Tora: Ahhhhh nonono, I thought it would be rude to bring it along... Uhm, I'll bring it next time! I'm so sorry. (sweat) If you'd really listen to it, I will bring it. It it's not too much trouble, please, definitely give it a listen!
Aoi: Yeah, thanks. Uhm.... Hey, y'know I'm actually pretty bad at playing host, here. What the hell do I do?
OS: Nonono, you're very good! Perfect! Please, continue, continue.
Aoi: Hm, so, what should we talk about? What would the readers want to hear? Tora, what would you like to talk about?
Tora: Oh, anything is fine. What, should we wait...?
Aoi: Holding off on this would suck (laugh). What shall we do, hmm... It's been about a year since we've spoken, hasn't it?
Tora: That's true. I haven't really seen you at the office lately, either.
Aoi: Yeah, and we live near each other, too! You'd think we'd run into one another sometime but we don't.
Tora: Yeah, not at all.
OS: Aoi, why don't you ever invite Tora to go out drinking?
Aoi: Awe, but he'd decline if I asked!
Tora: No, that'd never happen!
OS: You really are like a kid. If you asked him and he said no you'd get depressed! (laugh) Even Aoi from the GazettE! (laugh)
Aoi: It's true!! (laugh) I'd just fall over, I'd get really depressed over something like that!
Tora: Nonono! I'd never decline something like that, ever! In fact, I've been waiting on LINE (app) for you, wondering 'When might he invite me out...?' (laugh)
Aoi: Well then, next time I'll definitely ask. Although I still think Tora would decline...
OS: Young kids these days will always give an excuse like 'I'm dieting right now...'
Aoi: Yeah yeah!! (laugh) these young kids'd do that. (laugh)
Tora: Actually, I'm totally not that young anymore. (laugh)
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